Dermot Hannify Huntsman Laois Foxhounds with David Lalor MFH and Marcus McLoughlin MFH. Photo © Catherine Power


Established in 1859, the Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association (IMFHA) represents the interests of 41 foxhunting packs in Ireland. It governs all matters connected to foxhunting legislation, regulation, conservation, education, communications and finance.

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The IMFHA Foxhound Show 2024

- SATURDAY 6th July 2024 -

At Stradbally Hall, Stradbally, Co Laois

(By kind permission of the Cosby family)

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'Hunting Hints & Breeding Thoughts’ by Roddy Bailey

Our latest featured article, entitled 'Huntsman's Hints', is an edited extract from Hunting Hints & Breeding Thoughts by Roddy Bailey published in 2017.

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Growing the new insurance fund

The support of the hunting, point-to-pointing and bloodstock industry is needed to get behind a special fund to meet claims. THE support of the hunting - and hopefully the racing, point-to-point fratnerity and the bloodstock world - will effectively build up a ‘war chest’ type insurance fund to deal with all kinds of claims that may come down the track. From, 04.02.2022

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Indemnity for farmers from hunts crossing their land

Seventy hunts joined up to a new group insurance scheme which will promise the safeguarding of point-to-points and hunts as underwriters exited the market following claims from the hunting field. Landowners and farmers who allow hunts and point-to-points across their land will be provided with indemnity as a new insurance scheme is supported among 90% of hunts who struggled to secure insurance this season... From, 26.01.2022

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Lord Waterford appointed IMFHA chairman

Replacing David Lalor, Lord Waterford is the new chairman of the Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association.
THE Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association (IMFHA) announced that chairman David Lalor stepped aside at a recent committee following what was described as 'five challenging years at the helm'.
The IMFHA committee appointed Lord Waterford (MFH Waterford Hunt) as the new chairman. ...
From, 21.01.2022

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‘Belt and braces’ needed for landowners’ hunting indemnity

‘Belt and braces’ needed for landowners’ hunting indemnity. A ‘belt and braces’ approach is being taken to indemnify farmers and landowners who allow their land to be crossed by hunt packs, to ensure protection against any potential legal claims, as hunt clubs face issues with securing insurance ... From, 27.10.2021

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